Quality Policy

Rocksand is manufactured under strict supervision and with rigorous adherence to various quality parameters. While environmental compliance drives the product, it is the quality and the superiority over riversand that drives sales.

Rocksand Minerals pvt Ltd. has been awarded ISO 9001 certification by JAS Registrars.

Rocksand is manufactured leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure and imported machinery. The sand manufactured thus conforms to IS:383-1970 norms, Zone II grading.

Product Edge - Rocksand v/s Riversand

Cost Advantage

  • No screening wastage
  • No organic, inorganic and silt content
  • Reduce cement consumption
  • Economical compared to river sand
  • Saves on consumption of cement by 4%-5%
  • No bulkage compared to high bulkage
  • Payment for actual used, due to low moisture

Technical Advantage

  • Increased workability
  • Better quality of concrete
  • Better quality of mortar for plastering
  • Improved aesthetics of the structure
  • Increased structural strength
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Higher compressive strength



  • Aggregate ¾" (14-25mm)
  • Aggregate 1½"(35-45mm)
  • Aggregate ½" (5-14 mm)


  • RUN 0-30 mm


  • 0-150 mm


  • 0-4.75 mm