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Rocksand has been acknowledged as a superior alternative to river sand owing to various critical factors

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Shifting Sand

The quality of construction depends on the quality of ‘concrete’ that goes into it. The quality of concrete, in turn, depends on the quality of ‘cement’ and ‘sand’ used in making it. While there have been significant invocation and progressive improvements in the quality of cement, the same has not been the case with sand. The River Sand which is being used in construction activity most likely to contain various organic and inorganic impurities like clay, silt and moisture - that reduces its inherent strength and bonding effectiveness would make a structure highly susceptible to nature calamities and climatic vagaries.

Manufactured Sand

1. The incidence of impurity contaminations significantly reduced because of diminished risk of impurities in manufactured sand.
2. Traditional paricle size distribution being followed in river sand can be altered to allow higher % of < 75 microns as no silt, organic, inorganic & marine products in manufactured sand.

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The features that make Rocksand a superior choice over river sand include :

Uniformity in size and shape of the sand particles which reduces voids in the structure and thus lend it extra solidity and a higher compressive strength to the concrete.
Absence of organic and inorganic impurities in the sand, makes it more durable and weather-resistant.
Cubical shape of the sand particles saves on consumption of cement by 4%-5% as well as the consumption of water.
Equidimensionality of the sand particles helps overcome concrete deficiencies like-segregation, bleeding, honeycombing and capillaries.
Saves on the labour and associated costs of sieving and screening associated with river sand.
Rocksand is available in required quantities and at a cost relatively lesser than river sand.
Coarser surface texture allows cement to adhere more and increases tensile strength of the concrete.
Increased flexural strength allows slab thickness to be reduced up to 10%.
Lower flow times with superior shaped particles increases workability. Rock quarried from single source of quarry results in consistent quality of sand.